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  • i inspire us version 2
    This is what I've envisioned, and have actively been working on, for version 2 of i inspire us! This version of the site is going to attempt to shift towards being more people-centric, and less idea-centric; in a nutshel...
    Ideated: June 13th, 2011   Status: Open
  • No-splash Ice
    Have you ever dropped ice-cubes in a drink and have it splash and spill all over the place? All the time! How about creating No-splash Ice?  It will need to be extremely  hydrodynamic,&nbsp...
    Ideated: June 1st, 2011   Status: Open
  • Subway Notifier: Mobile Application
    I propose the creation of a mobile application that will push notifications to you about your daily subway commute (in NYC). The MTA's schedule is freely available, and data about advisories and service changes can be pu...
    Ideated: May 17th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Personalized Magazine
    Far too often, while at work, do I stumble upon really interesting articles/stories online that are too long to read completely at that point in time. I would really love to be able to bookmark these stories and get ba...
    Ideated: May 15th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Hyperlocal Twitter
    I propose the creation of a mobile app that lets users tweet short messages that are visible by people who are located within a certain vicinity. The radius to share within could be chosen by the tweeter. I was inspired,...
    Ideated: April 9th, 2011   Status: Open
  • An app that lets people auction their spots in the launch line
    This idea was inspired by this article:; http://mashable.com/2011/03/11/ipad-2-line-900/; The girl who was first in line for the iPad 2 launch at Apple's 5th Avenue store sold her spot for $900. According to the article,...
    Ideated: March 12th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Apartment hunting site with 360 degree panoramic images
    I was pleasantly surprised recently when I came across a relatively inexpensive  lens attachment that allows you to take 360 degree pictures with any DSLR. I also had to recently experience the pain of finding mysel...
    Ideated: March 8th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Helping talented homeless people get discovered
    Inspired by the absolutely amazing rags-to-riches story of Ted Williams -- the homeless man who was once living the streets of Columbus, Ohio with nothing but a sign saying that he had a great radio voice and is now...
    Ideated: March 1st, 2011   Status: Open
  • Stethoscope Interface for the iPhone
    Doctors would love to be able to connect classic stethoscopes to their iPhones/smartphones. Along with being able to record patient's vital signs, they would be able to discover patterns with the software that they may n...
    Ideated: February 12th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Caffeinated Cereal
    If you're a fan of coffee and cereal, then what could be a better way of starting the day? Caffeinated cereal would fill you up and wake you up at the same time. Will have to be careful not to market to kids though...
    Ideated: February 8th, 2011   Status: Open
Madhav Krishna
Madhav Krishna
  • 28
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Expertise Computer Science
Age 33
City New York, New York
Member Since December 19, 2010

A self-confessed geek with a desire for creating technology that will (hopefully) change the world! ;)