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  • Making money off social media referrals
    Social media networks are increasingly being used as channels for referral marketing; they are naturally conducive to such treatment. Further, it turns out that about 11% of all online content is discovered through soci...
    Ideated: February 20th, 2012   Status: Open
  • A Readable Web
    How about creating a more readable, ad free web?; Most websites today are cluttered with information, and stuffed with ads. I propose the creation of a proxy that will preprocess web-pages using readability , perhaps, an...
    Ideated: January 24th, 2012   Status: Open
  • MySpace for Subway Performers
    How about creating a Myspace-like platform for subway musicians and artists? There are a lot of very talented artists who perform in the subway -- this would give them visibility, and will allow them to showcase their ar...
    Ideated: January 12th, 2012   Status: Open
  • GitHub for music
    Given what Github has been able to do for software, I think it would be a great idea to create a similar platform for music. This would involve the creation of a software -- essentially an additional layer on top of git ...
    Ideated: November 30th, 2011   Status: Open
  • A "CDN" for Dynamic Content
    Currently, content delivery networks (CDNs) like Akamai are used to cache and serve only the static content (HTML, images, JS and CSS) that is used by websites. The use of CDNs has proven to result in an increase in reve...
    Ideated: October 1st, 2011   Status: Open
  • Personalized Restaurant
    Wouldn't it be cool if restaurants were able to offer up personalized meals for you? I wonder if it would be possible to develop algorithms that could be used to infer people's tastes using publicly available data about ...
    Ideated: September 12th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Shake Shack Prediction Engine
    What is the current wait time at the closest shake shack? I want to create an app that will answer that very question. It will factor in various variables such as the current weather conditions, day of the week etc. and ...
    Ideated: August 30th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Professional Relationships Manager
    LinkedIn is great for creating professional connections, but it doesn't really help you maintain those connections. I end up meeting a lot of interesting people at various networking events in the city, but am unable to ...
    Ideated: August 16th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Pizza for Puppies
    I find that a lot of people in NYC treat their dogs better than they treat themselves. In a way, dogs are more "humane" than their owners in the City. ; And because dog owners have a propensity for hum...
    Ideated: July 26th, 2011   Status: Open
  • Interesting Apps Using Location-based Reminders
    The newly launched iOS 5 comes bundled with a reminders app that allows you to set location-based reminders which are alerts that pop-up as you arrive or depart a certain location. This could be cool for remembering thin...
    Ideated: July 4th, 2011   Status: Open
Madhav Krishna
Madhav Krishna
  • 28
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Expertise Computer Science
Age 33
City New York, New York
Member Since December 19, 2010

A self-confessed geek with a desire for creating technology that will (hopefully) change the world! ;)