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Local History Wiki
Ideated March 1st, 2011
I am always curious about the local history of a particular area, especially if I am living there. 

I currently live in Harlem where I know loads of significant historical events have occurred, and scores of famous people have lived. From the natives, the Dutch immigrants, the American Revolution all the way up to Malcom X, Jay-Z and many others living around my neighborhood in more modern times.  I am sure there is  A LOT of history that I still have no idea about.

The problem is that that specific of local history is usually relegated to dusty, boring city museums or the most neglected bookshelf of any city's library.  This stuff is really only studied by museum curators, historians and anthropologists.  And even museums do not really explain the history of very specific places, unless it is really important. But I think people are still curious about anything that happened where they actually live!

I would love to see a wiki site about the local history of different areas.  I imagine a website where you choose your city, click on a certain area on a grid and see a list of different significant events and people associated with that area, all organizable by time periods.  Each event/person could be linked to any sources about them (Wikipedia, City Government Websites, Encyclopedia Brittanica, etc..) so people could learn more.

This site could be managed like Wikipedia, where anyone who knows anything about a building, area and can back it up with some reliable resources can add to the site.  Besides curiosity's sake alone, this would be highly educational.

The hard part of course would be structuring the website, and associating events/ppl in the database with different parts of a map.

I think this would be better than a museum, tour guide or library books on local history.  Yet it would actually help make local history interesting and relevant. What do you think?
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Expertise Wanted: Anthropology
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Ideated By

Richard Kroon Richard Kroon
New York, New York
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