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Personal Space between Mens Urinals
Ideated April 1st, 2012


Fitness First @ One George Street Singapore

Current Scenario:

Considering the bulk of members are big sized men and some caucasians. The space between the three urinals in the mens toilet are not that well spaced apart.


If there are two men using the leftmost and rightmost urinals, there wouldn't be much space for even a small built guy to use the middle urinal.

Proposed Solution:

That said, there are ample space from the leftmost and rightmost urinals to the corner of the wall, my suggestion is to move the leftmost and rightmost urinals outwards nearer to the wall to create more personal space between urinals.


Increased comfort of members

Future Consideration: 

Building future gym branches, you might want to that the above suggestion into consideration.

After Thoughts:

Do you see the suggestion as a (business) opportunity with hurdles to overcome with potential to bring benefits OR a problem that troubles you; brings you to a bad mood which you could give up and blame everyone else for your misery?


Many people try to come up with ideas to change things in a big way in which they met with difficulties in time, and resources. Why not; think about what changes no matter how small, which you can do easily; which brings a positive impact on you family, friends or even strangers. Do you think the Boulder at the top of the cliff is more important than the pebbles at the bottom of the mountain? Without the pebbles, would there be a mountain if not at all; without the Boulder, would the mountain be magnificent? A small positive change now may mean tremendous benefits for your children. A dollar savings in terms of time, money, effort , a day given that you work 30 years till you retire, may mean an opportunity cost savings of $10,950.00 not withstanding compounding interest and reinvestment. Say you saved that much for your company; (by contributing to positive changes outside your work scope) perhaps your company reciprocate and pay you 50% in terms of performance bonus. How would you like a $5000.00 bonus prior to your retirement?

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Expertise Wanted: Business

Ideated By

Jianfa Tsai Jianfa Tsai
Singapore, Singapore
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